Look Determines Price

The 4 Ps of a product have always been the quintessential factors behind the success of a product in the market,

Packaging is “the” essential factor for success in the FMCG category, especially in the Indian market, something which the MARS Inc. took quite some time to learn.

We Indians are people who always want value for money, if something does not “look” like it’s worth the price then our purchase will always be biased, even if we do manage to purchase the product against our perception then we end up with post purchase dissonance.

The “chota” snickers which was available used to come in a package which gave you the perception that it was a snack that you purchase on the go, now the packaging used to be the same as the “chota” Cadbury 5-star but there used to be a difference of Rs. 10 which meant that Snickers would be sent back to Mars from the Indian market, but as is the sign of every successful company Mars Inc. came back to root itself on Indian soil.

You see with a little bit of market research they realised that all they needed to implement was simple economics, we Indians would pay the asked price if our involvement with the product was long enough, so Ceteris Paribas Mars Inc. only changed the packaging, that is from being Stout and Short to being
Fit and Tall.

The response has been immense and a very fitting.


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