Are you “Making a Friend”????

This time Coco Cola addressed one of the most crucial subjects of all time, bringing India and Pakistan together. The three minute video advertisement by the company displays a connected pair of vending machines in various parts of the two countries. Each vending machine has a giant monitor screen and a webcam attached to it, wherein a person passing by could participate in various entertaining activities like dancing with each other, waving hands to the other party or simply drawing up a peace sign and thus “MAKING A FRIEND”.
Coco Cola has been named as THE CREATIVE MARKETER OF THE YEAR, 2013 at the Cannes Lions International Festival. This award is presented to the companies who have inspired their products over various platforms through their innovative marketing. The company has proven to be a success in showcasing some of the best advertisement of all times and has differentiated its content marketing from other FMCG Companies like Pepsi, Nestle etc. Company’s various campaigns like “Share a Coke”, “Happiness Machine” “Move to the Beat” and lots more have reached their zenith in creating an image and sales of the company products.
A dynamic message set up by the company which has been very well executed, but is it able to strike the correct chord with consumer is my dilemma. Has it been able to create a peaceful, harmonious picture which was the core belief to create such an advertisement OR it has just oversimplified the complexities of such an issue that can be done away with, just by sharing a can of soda???

Link for the video


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