Will Logan (Wolverine) bring Mutation to Micromax?

Shubhodip pal chief marketing officer micromax, proudly announced in press association of Hugh jackman as brand ambassador of micromax. This announcement was like fire in the jungle, critics, marketers, media , competitors all were startled by the fact that micromax who has never ever been associated with the big name (apart from the short span association with Akshay kumar, Dhoni, Kalki kochlein) and then suddenly signing Hugh Jackman- one of the big daddy’s of the Hollywood industry


“International celeb. For an Indian brand” – is a paradoxical question in minds of everyone

No matter their is a complete transition in brand image of India from a country known as land of snake charmers to a tech savvy, IT driven country. But still there is no space for Indian tech product brands as they are still thought of to be unreliable and inferior.

But Micromax aspiring to scatter its wavelengths globally is breaking down this paradigm, highlighting inspirational and fearless persona by mapping brand’s core competencies with the iconic image of their brand ambassador- Hugh Jackman. This will provide much required to the brand not only in domestic market ( as Indian preferred Micromax less in comparison to the other brands barring its performance which is at par excellence with the market) but also internationally as persona of Hugh Jackman would not only be fruitful for brand in terms of immediate benefits but also will assist its strategy of achieving global recognition, assisting various campaigns to be run during winter Olympics, F1, Football world cup 2018 in Russia, which is not only going to increase its market share in Russia alone but in Europe altogether, also providing global mass coverage on the stake of the mania for these events

Micromax , has come a long way raising its bars with aggressive strategy- aligning with vogue fashion fund, vogue shopping festival  in Mumbai and now with its alliance with- wolverine- Hugh Jackman it is not only trying to shed off its cheap brand tag but also build up its global image. Looking at the other side of the coin, alliance with Hollywood stars have had lesser impact on Indian audiences as per historic facts, for instance, Visa did it years ago, with Richard Gere and it was not successful neither in India nor in Asian pacific market

Micromax’s strategy of using international celebrity to suppress the fact that brand is from India and to attract larger shares of global market, if this works out well for them, many Indian brands will follow similar strategy inspired by success story of micromax’s experiment

Time is the best judge, so let’s wait and watch for the final showdown.

Anika Sharma


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