Coming Back in….


These words are commonly heard in one’s daily chores and routine life. A father to his children, children to their mother & a mother to her maid servant the cycle of saying coming back has been a trend of sort. Even when we talk about the hustle-bustle of corporate life, the employee leaving out tells his boss, to give him a surety that he would came back within the time limit and a boss to his employees to ensure that the employees keep working till the boss returns back.

But one could have rarely thought about this phrase getting so trendy even in our TV Advertisements. The thought initially of using “Coming back” seemed insane to many viewers. I heard a few males criticizing this as hype or gimmick which won’t have any effect on viewers.

But still a great strategy and marketing has been initiated by our TV Commercials which stays hidden as just headlines for viewers round the globe. Initially children and even our household mothers hated to view the advertisements coming in between their so called “prestigious TV Soaps” or their favourite “Cartoons”. A fight would definitely initiate if the TV soap clashed with the Tom and Jerry Cartoon and the poor remote had to play what the demand insisted on. But this surely leads to one common thing “No individual ever watched all advertisements in between their prime time shows” or may be a quarrel in between the advertisements for watching one’s prime time show erupted. Advertisements somewhere had lost its essence over the period & even the viewers had lost interest in ever watching the advertisements being aired. But one never knew a lot of effort was involved initially in making a TV AD, many such individual efforts got vested who were involved in making these ADS, as the advertisement could not garner many views in our own Indian television-market.

So there were questions pondering a TV AD maker “Did the commercial get noticed? Is the product known to people? Did the brand value of the product increase after viewing the advertisement? Was the Commercial successful or did it garner much attention? But to viewer it was after all only an advertisement or so called “distraction” between their prime time shows.

But “Coming back” or I would refer as the “advertisement time out” bought a certain revolution and change in pattern of viewing television. The “Coming back in 2min” advertisements aired between TV commercials made viewers watch the particular channel or TV show for half an hour to one hour continuously, which was initially not the case before. Viewers got also more engrossed in the TV advertisements and came to know about the different products, their prices & even the overall profile of the brand in a minute or so. Prime time television shows clubbed with best ad-makers to not only promote their shows but also promote the advertisements in the “Coming up” slot. The viewer especially never shifted channels in the      “Coming up” slot as he knew his show would resume within a minute or so or may be he/she didn’t want to miss his/her prime show for any reason. This engrossed a viewer more in TV advertisement; also making him judge which product to buy or which brand had a more resonating effect than the other.

Contests, offers & even “what next advertisements” became a bizarre trend in this slot of “Coming up in 2 minutes”. Even new television shows which were going to be launched or what’s going to come in other television shows also were aired during this time. A sort of “Co-Branding” started where a television show’s brand got reflected with advertisements and also other television show advertisements aired during this slot. “Coming up” became a trend with all channels right from television shows to cartoons to music channels to news channels. A fight to obtain a slot in the now so called “prime time” increased and aggressive or intense marketing tactics were used in this segment in for viewers to get acquainted with the perspective products or the brand. Some brands got recognized and some products got sold more than expected such as “Axe “after viewers watched their advertisements majorly aired in this slot.

The “Coming up” got so trendy that even online advertisements mainly featured in “You tube” started using this connoted phrase “back in 2 or 3 minutes” or “ 30 seconds” making the viewers at least have a glimpse of the new products being launched or any contest related to the product which will enhance the purchasing behaviour of an individual.

So whenever one is using the phrase “Coming in 2 minutes or so” think how precious are these words and how much of strategy has been involved in making these words a discussion of topic in today’s growing era of television advertisement & commercials.

Coming back ……In by B. Prashanth


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