Word of Mouth

There must have been few instances where you might refer few restaurants, books, shop etc to your friends or family members telling them about the positives or negatives of the product or service. Do you know what it is?

It is “WORD OF MOUTH” marketing which is considered to be one of the most preferred ways of advertising, and knowingly or unknowingly we all are a part of it.

Word of mouth is a natural conversation between natural people. For word of mouth, people must talk and people must listen. People must understand something to an extent that they are compelled to talk about that. Word of mouth has got a viral capacity. It can be addressed from one to ten to hundreds to thousands and so on.

Let us take example of Seattle’s Fremont Brewing Co.



Fremont Brewing is a well known beer company in USA. The working environment there is so friendly and energetic that people enjoy chilled beer in the company on summer evenings.

But the amazing fact about this is that there is no logo outside the building for its identification for the local residents. When the owner, Matt Lincecum was asked that what could be the reason that brings customers he replied “WORD OF MOUTH”. Matt ultimately realized the power of referrals and this became the building block for their success.

Word of mouth is not created it is co-created. A great deal of research finds that word of mouth is more effective than other types of marketing. Whether compared to promotional events, banners or print advertisements word of mouth is more useful in creating new users and customers.

Taking another example of Keventers; a Milk Shake shop in Cannaught Place in Delhi. This small shop has a yearly turnover of more than a crore and is one of the most preferred places for youth to hang out. But adding to the surprise this shop was never advertised anywhere to anyone in any form. The reason for their success is again word of mouth.

Word of mouth is most affective due to trust because we trust our friends and family members more than the advertisements. Ads always say that whatever they are advertising be it product or service is the best. But the point to ponder here that which ad depicts the shortcomings of the product or service they are advertising. Do we believe them all? However our friends will tell about the product or service to us straight and we are most likely to believe their recommendation.

Word of mouth is also more targeted and focused. Word of mouth is much more focused. No one’s going to talk to you about the quality of chicken if you are a vegetarian. People only tell you about things that they think are at least somewhat relevant to your interests.

Word of mouth is a two way communication which depends on both senders and recipients. In other words, just because an attitude is there does not mean people will talk about it.



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