Marketing V/s Finance MBA’s: Sarcasm in Banking


Child when starts walking up there are much pre-conceived notions about his Journey ahead. Just as the child starts taking his parents name, society thinks he is going to be big. But where did the Child ever know how big would he become. Hence starts the Journey of a Child laded with burden and responsibilities.

Turmoil of standing at least top 3 in class-studies and even in sports leaves him with his chaotic ambition. The rattling hours start turning his life where he has to shift from one class to other just to add a feather to his hat. Finally rummaging his brain if he decides to take science, his orientation after 4 years gets shifted to Finance or Banking. By luck or chance if he, escapes the doldrums of becoming an Engineer, he safely completes his B.Com or M.Com again to turn up as a Banker. Yes, but in the medieval we forgot those people who aspired to be in media or a strategic company , honoured with MBA in Marketing somewhere with high hopes; also get muddled up in the sands of banking , either due to peer pressure or home pressure. Left up behind is a prestigious murmur or show-off which seems to be ringing at family functions “My son is an Investment Banker or my daughter is a Front desk officer or Business development executive at a high level Bank”.

But do we know the Inside story of banking and its luring options? Parents, colleagues and friends get blind-folded just by hearing the word “BANKER”. But is even today banking considered as a lucrative option for a youngster’s future, especially Retail Banking?

The banker’s story also has a different view to it. With maximum no. of MBA Graduates uprising in the present era, with different streams such as Finance, Operations, Marketing and HR most of them aspire to become a “BANKER” or get tagged up with the Banking Industry. It might be the fame they want to associate with or the influence of movies such as 3Idiots, Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara or 2 States.

In past, Marketing seemed a very unusual option for MBA Graduates. Marketing was and is still conceived as “Selling”. But why do we don’t wish to see the other flavours of Marketing, has been still a question in purview. But with MBA graduates from Marketing, also getting linked up with the Banking Industry, with a lower or medium pay scale and maximum effort on field, a question raises was this their destiny?

The most unexpected fate comes to those MBA Students, who feel proud completing a Finance degree or Operations Degree of Masters and think a level above the Marketing guys seem to converge in the same categorical sector of Retail Banking or Corporate Banking.

The story takes a turn when the Finance graduates are required to not only do their work related to costing, accounting and customer service but also pitch in the same products which the Marketing guys are already doing. In fact today’s era sees Financial and Investment Bankers, after having completed their MBA Finance degree roaming in Indian Market, selling plethora of products. The target that these young Bankers get, leave them overburdened with high peer pressure. The dilemmatic situation of standing top3 in class or sports surges up yet again in a new avtaar.


So the question rises are Private India Banks touted to be a Financial Industry getting converted into Marketing?

A joke gets cracked up when a young finance MBA proudly tells his colleagues that his major goal of not taking up Marketing was just because he always hated doing sales i.e. selling or roaming in the market. Eventually if he turns up as a banker, he realizes his pride and hatred towards marketing fall-off at the very instant, when his boss asks him to sell Mutual Funds, Insurance and other Retail Assets at the very first instant. The realization of taking up Marketing and relaxing, somewhere pinches him in his dream underneath. Though this might not be the story with all, but a high professional banker without his targets and cross-sells is not a complete banker in today’s era or the banker might not have tasted the Marketing side of Banking.

Are the jobs of such young graduates with high ambitions and their chiselled dreams of getting into Finance which might be their passion, in their blood or their goal, at stake? Though Banking offers such MBA Graduates diverse roles, but the current trend of Retail and Corporate banking up surging, requires an MBA Graduate ( he might be Finance or Marketing) to sell the products and services of the Bank.


“All Bankers though either from finance or marketing background are treated on the same level”-Is this philosophy or idea being tested in the Indian private Banking Industry? Or the mockery that follows “Finance MBA Graduates get a higher pay not for sight-seeing but for cross-selling and finance work both”

This scenario around leaves people to ponder over a major question “Are today’s Bank’s liable towards creating such trend or are young graduates’ openness to experience limited” still stays a dubious mystery.



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