Next big thing in marketing !

 Ever wondered  why the E-retailing industry is  so adamant on taking new innovative measures in the present era, where every person round the globe is so hooked up on socializing!!

Amazon recently launched #AmazonCart, which allows the people who have linked their amazon and twitter accounts, to purchase items by responding to tweets and using the hashtag #AmazonCart. 

Wondering  how does it work ?
By connecting your Twitter and Amazon accounts, you are telling Amazon that #AmazonCart requests coming from your Twitter account should be added to your Shopping Cart.


Without that link, Amazon would not know to which customer’s Cart to add the particular item. The whole idea is to provide ease to customers, so that they can buy items while blogging and thus save their time in a fruitful way.

#Tag  #Amazoncart is a way not only to reach out large masses, but in a way is creating brand awareness and brand loyalty among its own vivid customers. Since switching costs are high in e-retailing Industry, with advent of new online retailers globally and locally creating their market presence, Hash-tag provides a customer inclination towards the  brand.

This proved to be very true in my case also:


I tried this with 8 GB condom USB , I saw it being  advertised on twitter and tweeted “@amazon Love this. Would like to buy #amazoncart”  

In less than 15 seconds, the item was in my cart, ready for purchase.

This innovation makes Amazon stand out above other online retailers.


Two other online giants are also making big moves in the social purchasing area.

Last week, Facebook announced it was testing a “buy button” on ads and “page” posts for selective businesses in the United States.

Twitter announced, it has acquired CardSpring, with a goal of bringing “in-the-moment commerce experiences to its users.” Twitter has also been reported by several users to have tested a “buy now” button in the wild, but it has not been officially released it, it is waiting for the right moment for this launch.

Instagram also in this peculiar cat race of online marketing would be a prime candidate, but it doesn’t currently support link sharing within captions, which could be a major drawback against its rising competitors and in the coming future years, if an aggressive marketing or an innovation is not inculcated, Instagram has high probability of loosing much of the market share.

These social companies have to monetise their products, in this present fast age, where there is high level of competition not only among peer groups but also external environment.

Down the road, but not too far down, I can see social purchasing taking a giant leap with WhatsApp and SnapChat. This is what I call  ”New age Online Marketing” where to order even a pair of slippers you need not shop nor hangover in a mall but a button to just click over will make your task simpler.


To  sum this all up , I would just like to say adhering to old marketing techniques would lead one to nowhere .To survive in this continuously changing environment ,  marketers have  to adopt  new and even new ways of marketing  as adopted by Amazon (getting the first mover advantage) in this case .

Therefore, these coming changes are the tip of the iceberg when it comes to social purchases. 



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