VIEWED & REVIEWED: KFC – Flaming Crunch “feed your fire”

India is a country with an estimated 5 billion worth of restaurant market, fighting aggressively to get their share of pie. Each one wants to showcase itself as the provider of value for money and the quality of product being the benchmark for sales in Indian market.

kfc1KFC which is one of the leading fast food chains in India recently added new recipe to its menu i.e. Flaming Crunch – “Feed your fire”. In order to position it differently, KFC claimed that it is made up of world’s hottest chillies. A conceptualised TV commercial was being made in which a young boy, who in his school days was tallest among the batch mates, played basketball well and had an upper hand in his team due to his height. As years passed he realised that his height was not going to grow after a certain limit which would also mean that he will not be able to continue playing basketball further and he will have to drop his dream of leading a basketball team. However instead of sitting back and complaining about it, the boy enhanced his skills through rigorous practice and helped his team win.

The central theme of this campaign was to develop a sense of motivation among the youth who are the prime customer segment of KFC. It is an ode to all those who want to achieve something in their life and would not stop at anything less just because of the obstacles coming in way.

Quoting Dhruv Kaul, CMO, KFC India – “With this campaign the intent was to go back to the core and build flavour innovation that is in line with evolving consumer trends. Made from the hottest (ghost pepper) naturally grown chilli, Flaming Crunch-“feed your fire” is a product that ignites your taste buds and fires your passion!”


KFC achieved twin objectives through this campaign which includes promoting its new product, off course and larger message being feed the fire of your aspirations. It did stand out over the peers as it targeted the youth who is focused towards achieving their goals.

Engaging customers and leaving strong message is a very effective tool of marketing which has been successful over the years.

Marketing Strategies Used:

KFC created a buzz about its new product by strategically targeting its customers with a mix of online and offline efforts.

The video was launched on facebook which received a positive feedback from the customers and was seen doing rounds of many timelines.

Hashtag #KFCFeedYourFire made its way throughout twitter and remained trendy for quite a sometime. It also built a landing page which showed tweets of people with a flaming effect and had a contest in place to woo customers.

KFC-Feed your Fire Poster
KFC-Feed your Fire Poster
Twitter post
Twitter post

Emotional branding

“Emotional branding refers to the practice of building brands that appeal directly to a consumer’s emotional state, needs and aspirations. The sole purpose of emotional branding is to create a bond between the consumer and the product by provoking the consumer’s emotion.”

KFC very well understood human needs such as love, power, desires ,emotional security  which serve as a foundation for emotional branding and allow marketers to create a self-fulfilling prophesy when it comes to consumer needs.


Exploiting the elements of emotional branding, the audiovisual ad acted to KFC’s benefit as it had an emotional connect with its audience. Its YouTube channel received 5 Lakh + views within days of launch. People connected with the ad and even talked about the positive vibe that video created in them through facebook and twitter.


KFC not just highlighted the unique, fiery nature of the product, but also related it to the lives of people. The creative expression i.e. ‘feed your fire’ connected with those who have fire in their belly that keeps people like these going, to achieve their target.

It is a marvellous ad with emotional connect which persuades people to act leading to positive communication and interactions.


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