Behaviour Retargeting-Haunting or Marketing?

Have you ever been stalked?

Have you ever had ghosts following you in your dreams?

Have you had your own friends been following you?

One may have encountered these kind of situations in one’s life, by being stalked by a stranger to one’s own friend.

But have you been constantly followed by a known image, or a product?

Yes, this might sound peculiar to some and magic to others, but in today’s world this is simply called “Behavior Retargeting”.

So what is behaviour retargeting? Re-targeting one’s behaviour? It might sound divergent while hearing these words, but with the advent of technology and analytics today “Behaviour Retargeting” is a form of online advertising targeted to consumers based on their previous online behaviour, where actions don’t lead to sale or conversion.

In today’s hustle bustle and ever engrossing work life, consumers spend ample time in browsing products but fail to complete a purchase, lured away or distracted from finalizing the transaction. A personalized retargeting campaign re-engages consumers tagging them with a pixel or cookie if they have expressed interest or engagement with a brand.

Unaware of what technically this could do, I set off to my friend’s house,to help him out to select a gift for his father’s birthday. Since his laptop wasn’t working, I set off with my laptop at his place. After few chats, we finally started browsing amazon, myntra and few other e-commerce sites, so that we could finally make a critical decision of buying the gift. Dubious of what to buy, we just put in some products in the amazon cart and went out to eat. Since I had to rush home, due to urgency of work, my friend could not buy his desired gift that day.                                                                                                                                                                                   Few weeks passed by, and suddenly one day when I opened up my Facebook account, an image of Panasonic Electronic grooming razor, popped up continuously. I was little baffled, why the image popped up instantly and constantly and the sense of the image stalking me, ignited in my mind when I opened up my browser. Instantly I recollected the Online shopping with my friend for his father and his selection of  a grooming kit for his father’s birthday. Some questions popped up like the pop up of the product. Mingled with the questions like “How the image popped up again? Was there a theory behind this? A Magic or advance technology?”, I slept off with these thoughts in mind.

Not able to sleep 2 nights, I finally decided to contact a  young and Intelligent Entrepreneur Mr. Shivang Sharma, who was pursuing his final year of MBA in Marketing. I definitely knew he might give a rest to the questions that were constantly erupting like a volcano in my mind. I told him about the incident and he immediately responded with one word “Behaviour Retargeting”. I realized everything is connected, with some or the other theory or some or the other name. Today online advertising has taken such a huge leap from the olden days of newspaper ads and pamphlets, it has become inevitable to overlook these kind of progress in Advertising.

I realized that when I had browsed, the online — ads were populated on platforms (such as Facebook) retargeting me with the custom-linked ads. Once clicked, I got routed back to the site of the incomplete sales order or product of interest which I and my friend had browsed weeks backs.

Today, this advanced retargeting is best handled by digital agencies on marketing platforms that enable businesses to create personalized ad campaigns based on user behaviour.

Behaviour Retargeting Glimpse
Behaviour Retargeting                        Glimpse

One clear benefit of Behavioural Targeting is the ability to organize customers based on variables related to their behaviours, such as the number of visits they have made to a particular online store, what products they have bought, what categories they prefer, if they have registered as a member or not, etc. and one can also establish what should be done after certain behaviours are observed.

So today’s era, behavioural Targeting represents a great leap forward from using traditional customer segments that are usually based on demographic variables: sex, age, location, etc. to something unique and a value-proposition for the overall advertising sector.

How does it work?

Let’s take an example to understand the benefits of Behavioural Targeting. In this example, a customer has a higher purchasing power, but they always buys cheaper products that fit their necessities. This suggests that their profile is mostly of a saver and pragmatist, so it will be complicated to convince them to spend more on a costlier smartphone.

Using a traditional approach based on demographic data, one would be offering the particular consumer top-notch and more expensive products that they would never buy. Using behavioural data, one would be able to detect consumer behaviour patterns and realize that the consumer prefers to buy cheaper and not so sophisticated products.

How it Works?
                                                             How it Works?

So don’t feel haunted!

Don’t feel your account is hacked or your credentials have been stolen!

It is just the magic of behaviour retargeting followed by digital agencies to know you as a consumer and your behaviour better!

Get ready to be targeted  or haunted behaviorally anytime anywhere online!


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