Surprise & Delight: Clicks, Enthralls, Recalls!

Who doesn’t love a birthday Surprise?

How we rejoice when our partner has planned a Surprise and we know something is coming!

The thrill of Surprise when your parents gift you something beautiful, for what you truly deserve!

Yes, the word Surprise creates a titillating feeling in one’s mind!

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Today a pleasant surprise can make a person’s day. It might be a free drink from your favorite cafe. Or it could involve a waiter giving you a complimentary dessert at your favorite restaurant. Whatever it is, surprises make people feel special and important. For businesses, these unexpected treats help create a powerful bond with consumers — a bond that can last a long time. A bond that clicks, makes a brand recall and enthralls the Consumers. Consumers are thrill-seekers. As much as people find routines comforting, many individuals thrive on little unexpected moments. When people experience a positive moment that comes out of nowhere, the experience is likely to be one they remember, whether it’s a compliment on the street, winning a prize in a contest or something else.

Surprise & Delight!!

With these thoughts, I was waiting for the time when I would get the “Best Surprise of my life”. I wrapped up my work and went down to have a coffee at the small Café shop, in our Company’s cafeteria. Today I found people hovering like bees near the shop and the whole cafe shop seemed to be crowded. To my surprise, I came to know that the Café shop was selling free cupcakes with the special coffee people bought. Most of them were going to just buy the coffee without the free cupcake just excited by the thought.So they weren’t phased about the cup cake. Some didn’t even want it. But a small surprise made them click about the café present in the big cafeteria , recall it even after days and yes even today they are enthralled and await for such surprises from the café.

Today many brands are making this customer service tactic, commonly called “surprise and delight,” far less random, and in some cases, it’s the driving force behind several nationwide, multimillion-dollar marketing campaigns. And for some, surprise-and-delight strategies are serving as the lynchpin in a long-term loyalty strategy that’s being installed and leveraged across all consumer touchpoints — social media, brand-sponsored events, in-store experiences, advertising campaigns, mobile marketing and more.

As a Strategy?

So I pondered, could it be a strategy? But what would have that Café guy got? Yes, Surprise and Delight is definitely a marketing strategy in which companies randomly select an individual or group to receive a gift or experience. It can be a very effective marketing tactic for companies, especially in an age where customers are just one tweet away from brands and vice-versa.

Surprise and Delight campaigns help forge a strong emotional connection between brands and consumers. Most importantly, there must be an unexpected “wow” factor coupled with a personal touch that makes the campaign memorable and relatable. Just like the small coffee guy surprised everyone with the free cupcakes.

Spark will happen! Strategy of Surprise will become Word of Mouth!

Because People who are delighted by the surprise will be excited to spread the word.

Enriched by the experience of Coffee and having a Cupcake, I took my Card for payment of the Bill. Suddenly seeing my card, I was reminded of a huge Brand “MASTERCARD” who had recently surprised millions of its fans through its unique Campaign.

MasterCard had also added an element of Surprise and Delight to its 17-year-old Priceless campaign. Justin Timberlake surprised a fan with a jam session at her house-it was unscripted and definitely added that personal touch, which in turn led MasterCard holders to believe that they could have a similar experience.

There’s an emotional element to watch a fan connect with a star and Mastercard #PricelessSurprises campaign captured that. The #PricelessSurprises campaign has also brought pro-golfer Tom Watson riding up to his fans on a golf cart.  So far, MasterCard has surprised 48,133 cardholders.

MasterCard’s chief marketing officer, Raja Rajamannar has been quoted saying that “the success of Priceless is driven by the campaign’s ability to create emotion, influence behavior, unite people and touch upon consumer passions.”


So be it MasterCard or the Café guy at my cafeteria, Surprise Marketing has taken consumers over a troll. It not only Clicks like a clock in the mind of the customer, it makes him enthralled like a small child and recalls him daily about the Brand experience he has got for a lifetime!!

So what are you waiting, Surprise People-As IT CLICKS, ENTHRALLS & RECALLS!


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