Celebrity Marketing! The IN-Fluencers!

What is CELEBRITY MARKETING? Is it a new word on the internet or a new trending hashtag! Do u know who is a celebrity? He is a famous person who can influence people!

What do u think only products or businesses can be marketed? Even people are marketed these days to be in the limelight. Publicity stunt, Charity, Rumors or even a fake relationship with any random person. These things help them to be in the eyes of the people as they create noise.

CELEBS are bound to do such things so that, they are not lost in the crowd. Hollywood, Bollywood, Sports Players or any famous politician they are a brand themselves and for a brand to remain constantly visible, you have to market it very well.

Artists hire entire marketing teams to do this, especially those trying to build their brand or rebrand entirely. These teams take care of everything from publishing their Instagram feeds to coach them on how to act during television appearances.

Social media signs

The basic idea of the endorsement is pretty simple. People like celebrities. If those celebrities say that they like a product, people will like that product, too. As we all learned in grade school, that’s the transitive property.

IN-fluencer marketing – SMB way

Is celebrity marketing limited to MNC’s or big corporations? HELL NOO

It works no matter what size your organization is. By offering a ROI of 6.5:1, it quickly becomes a marketer’s best friend. The whole concept of celebrity marketing has now changed completely. The point will be justified as you analyze the very concept of “celebrity” . It is no longer limited to high profile cricketers or movie stars, celebrities now run the show from viral video makers to reality TV stars. In fact celebrities are no longer defined by how famous they are but what distinct quality they have that motivates people to have a positive word of mouth.

For instance, take the recent example of OYO rooms. Are you really aware of the brand ambassador for this newbie in town? OYO room’s brand ambassador is its 21 year old CEO- Ritesh Agarwal , reason being his age. Brand iterates that when a young boy like him can become a CEO, why can’t you? Thus creating a connect with youth (it’s target market) who have fire in their belly to do something of their own.

Twin Benefits

IS it always about money? No, the artist endorses a product to influence people, making a huge hole in the pockets of the companies. But it is a two way thing, these artists also need these advertisements to be known or to be associated with good brands. So that people know that they exist and use those same products.

Basically the trick is when you know that this famous personality is endorsing the product, there is something in it and automatically the consumer will trust the brand and buy it anyway.

Celebrity marketing helps both the parties to grow. In today’s generation it’s all about gaining the trust and making the consumer happy. If your favorite superstar is using the product you will definitely want to do the same thing. These personalities are so influential that the trust will come from within.

People blindly follow the trends the celebs make. Be a Ronaldo hairstyle or Rihanna Smoking pot! People will follow it anyway because they influence the crowd so much! Negative or positive it is supposed to be a cool thing so even I should do it!

So celebrity marketing is a marketing strategy used by the companies to influence the crowd and used by the celebs to market and position themselves in the eyes of the public. It’s not a bad or a good thing, it is a marketing tool which is dam useful. So Influence and get influenced! 😉


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