Marketing With Emotions

Emotions are an integral part of human beings. But to ingrain human emotions into marketing, takes marketing to a whole new level indeed! If one were to think from the perspective of the marketers, this tactic has never quite failed really. Instead, it enhanced the overall initiative by leaps and bounds. Brands have been known to use this concept for ages.

Since the origin of marketing, decades back, emotions have come into play in some way or the other; blended with branding. It is a proven fact that, marketing strategies, which bring out emotions, resonates much more with the potential customers as opposed to dishing out plain old facts about the products and services. People have a habit of going through the motions while subjected to the latter tactics.

Involving people through emotional marketing works wonders! For instance, advertisements which encourage sentiments; can steer the customers in their direction, to make purchases. Or it has the increased probability of relatively prevailing brand loyalty. When they like, what they see: it would consequently lead to favoring that particular brand, eventually ending up with building long lasting relationships between the customers and the companies.

Moreover, such emotional marketing schemes speeds up memorization of those said advertisements. In fact, people might actually develop a sense of kinship with such ads. It is the established emotional connection, which reverberates throughout. It is not necessary that the ads have to be always logical; instead it should be able to reach out to the people at large. Emotions can be either positive or negative depending upon the type of message exhibited.

Such commercials and advertisements help spread the word like a wildfire, especially in these times of social media. A good ad would lead to increased shares, likes, tweets; hence making it go viral. Usually such ads portray stories coupled with background music. Such visual narratives, is what made these loveable.

Throughout the world, such marketing initiatives have been implemented. Coca-Cola, Cadbury and many other brands have been able to drive their inherent message home, with emotional marketing. Even Indian brands aren’t foreign to this concept.

Several Indian brands have initiated emotional marketing including Havells, Titan Watches, Birla Sun life Insurance and many more. One such ad has a beautiful message woven into it.



The Brave and Beautiful Campaign conducted by Dabur Vatika especially for female cancer survivors. It takes the viewers through the journey of one such woman, soon after her recovery. The anxiousness and insecurity, evident in her eyes. But we soon see her husband’s staunch support through a Bindi act, which gives her the much needed courage to face the world. On entering her office for the first time, after her recuperation, she is met with the same warmth by her colleagues, as was witnessed in case of her husband. The interesting thing does not end with how the ad was delightfully depicted. Instead, which is more thought-provoking is that, the ad was ironically conceptualized by a hair shampoo and oil brand. This goes on to show that emotional marketing does not always have to be logical; in fact it should be able to strike a chord. It was opined by Tom Kelley, the noteworthy Innovation Speaker and a partner at the famous Design and Innovation Consultancy IDEO that, “If you leave out the emotional content, you may have the best specifications but people may not buy your product”; quite distinctly showing his view to be in concurrence with the theme.

So in a nutshell, one can detect and comprehend the extent to which Marketing in general, has reached. With the implementation of Emotional Marketing, the sheer ingenuity is displayed, time and time again. So next time you come across one such strategy be sure to ponder a bit longer and dig a bit deeper.


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