Brands through their products and actions creates a unique image for themselves which personifies a certain characteristic or a trait. These traits give the brand a human touch, a set of values which people can connect or relate to with themselves, and this is what brand personality is all about. It’s like fiction, brands having rich history which they try and communicate through the way they target their customers and position their brand.

In order to differentiate a product, companies try to match consumer needs which creates a brand image for them. Above and beyond these needs, if they can connect themselves to the brand itself it becomes easier for the marketers to position their brands. It’s like people relate to people and if your brand feels like people, they’ll relate to it too.


Talking about Beats by Dr. Dre, artists all around the world spend numerous hours in high tech recording studios spending millions of dollars in creating the perfect sound for their consumers and consumers who buy these records want the best out of it. In order to fill this gap Dr. Dre has positioned itself in such a way that they personify high quality, fashionable and luxurious looks. Celebrities wear them all around on screen, off screen reinforcing this belief. A person with Dr. Dre has an added credibility and automatically has an edge when he/she speaks about anything related to audio.




This image of quality and style creates desire and the need of these gets converted into a product. Kush by Dr. Dre a music video on YouTube under Vevo channel has a hit of 113.84 million views, it featured Snoop Dogg and Akon two very prominent artists flaunting Dr. Dre in a luxurious private jet plane, throwing money and acting all “cool”. This definitely paints a vivid picture about the brand.

From the aforementioned example it is quite evident that the consumer segment prefers attributing human characteristics to products, albeit unknowingly; which in turn governs their decision of buying those products. Though not a technique in vogue, marketers are constantly trying to capitalise on this particular aspect. Who knows what the scenario would be after a few decades, in this ever changing market. It won’t hurt to get a glimpse into a future where Brand Personality would be a major tool of choice!


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